Create a friendly home with us

One of the main goals of the Association is to build a modern shelter home, where outcasts could find a safe place. We specifically direct this initiative at elderly and lonely mothers. The Shelter House that is to be a place where returns to normal functioning in society will be much easier.

The idea for achieving this goal is due to the fact that Municipal Social Welfare Centers often do not give a chance for the beneficiary to become independent, and only get used to running a lifestyle based on public assistance allowance and benefits under the Food Program or other initiatives of a rather passive nature. Truth is that not everyone is able to " get out of the woods ", but people who could do this often do not receive adequate assistance. We want to change it and give people a chance to get out of difficult life situations!
Shelter House is an expensive investment, and its success depends on the involvement of local authorities, funds collected from donors and all those who add their contributions to the realization of the project.



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